Who i am



Jamie Murphy

Full Stack PHP Developer from the UK, based in Budapest

I have over 8 years experience working with major brands such as TheLADBible & AllCarLeasing on bespoke projects and e-commerce websites with a focus on increasing conversions. Originally from the UK, I moved to Hungary 2 years ago and began building my own businesses.

I specialise in simplifying requirements and providing simple, effective solutions to complex problems and achieve the best results when working with the client to help mould & define the vision.

I work extensively with Laravel, Vue.js, React.js & Magento as well as being vastly experienced in WordPress & other tools such as task runners, sass, SilverStripe, Craft CMS & more.

I work hard to deliver great service & quality to build strong levels of trust and create long term, lasting business relationships.


What i do






My bio


Freelance Developer & Consultant

  • Contracting
  • Consulting
  • Bespoke Development

Since becoming self employed in 2016 I have been mixing my time between personal projects & contracting for clients who are passionate about what they do. I have had the pleasure of working with major brands such as TheLADBible & AllCarLeasing to work on exciting, bespoke projects and conversion rate optimisation challenges. I also consult with clients to ensure that their development projects perform as desired by ensuring that the design & content is fit for purpose and the developers, designers & content teams are all on the same page, working towards a common goal.

Senior Frontend Developer

  • Project Architecture
  • Project Delivery
  • Client Communication

As an executive member of staff at The Constant Media and senior Frontend Developer, I was solely responsible for architecting & leading the delivery of complex projects for International brands such as Glenfiddich Whisky, Sailor Jerry Rum & more.

Senior Web Developer

  • Magento Development
  • Bespoke Development
  • Angular Development

While working here I spent my time working on a wide range of projects from Magento 1 development to an Angular & Cordova application. This has enabled me to gain experience with Angular, Magento, Drupal & Grails projects for major, International brands.

Lead Developer

  • Zend Framework
  • Bespoke Development
  • OOP Development

While working as a Lead Developer at Click Consult I was in charge or running a 3 man development team. My responsibilities included coding & ensuring standards were maintained whilst managing the workload of my team & communicating progress with the client. During these projects I worked as a Full Stack Developer using the Zend Framework to deliver bespoke projects to exceptional standards.


  • Web Development
  • Project Planning
  • Website Architecture

Whilst completing my studies at Edge Hill University I was selected to become part of the student web development team to work on projects on behalf of the university for paying clients. While working here I was responsible for database & website architecture, meeting with clients, planning and the delivery of projects to deadlines.